Hello Katie and my hungry sons

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Katie you are about to embark on a major adventure.  Feeding yourself, this is the  first time in twenty years that you will be completely and totally responsible for deciding what you eat.  So far, I as your parent, and your school have been primarily responsible for the cooking and the cleaning up.  Now this responsibility will fall on you.  Not just the occasional meal but the everyday decision about how to nourish yourself.  You’re already a pretty good cook.  But deciding everyday what to eat, is not as exciting as cooking a special meal.  As you know by now, I think food not only nourishes your body, but your soul.  A good meal brings people together.

I will be posting ideas, recipes and my thoughts about cooking, food and whatever else I want.  Take what you want.  May you be as well fed as you are loved.

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Omelet for One

Well you had to know I’d start with an egg.  Adapted from Julia Child.

3 eggs-if I’m not really hungry I’ll use 2 eggs

olive oil-1-2 teaspoons

dijon mustard-1/2 teaspoon

milk-1 Tablespoon or a splash

cheese-parmesan, cheddar, any kind you like-however much you want


vegetables and meat of your choice

small non-stick skillet

small spatula-wooden or silicone


Heat olive oil in skillet over low heat.  Whisk the egg, milk and dijon together. Generously pepper and salt. Pour gently into the skillet. Use your spatula to lift the edges of the egg mixture and let the undone part seep under in the pan.  Keep the heat low.  Continue to lift the edges until no more can run under.  At this point you could flip it over to finish the uncooked side or put a lid on it.  Off  goes the heat so you don’t overcook the egg. Either way add some cheese, veggies, meat or whatever you want. Slide it onto a plate and voila! Breakfast, lunch or dinner.